Nuvei Application

Apply for Terminal (new location).

Complete Web App (revONE rep) #

Owner documents required:

  • Owner(s) ID (Drivers License)
  • Business Void Cheque
  • Location Lease
  • Incorporation Certificate

The application requires an electronic signature from the owners.

Send SPIN integration cover sheet



  • The process takes 2 – 3 days
  • Terminal shipping cut-off time 3 pm EST. Terminals are shipped overnight.
  • Ensure the shipping location is open to receive terminal


Approval Email From: #


Record Merchant Information #

Welcome email from Nuvei to the Business owner’s email address will denote approval and will include:

    • MID
    • TPN
    • Registration ID
    • Authorization Key

Add Dejavoo Terminal information #

revPOS / Setup / Terminal

NOTE: revone Superuser permission is required.


Update Terminal #

Follow Nuvei Terminal Update

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