Receipts Report

Summary #

  • Report on receipts from:
  • Payment Terminal
  • Virtual Terminal
  • Non-Terminal (Cash, Cheque, EFT)
  • Terminal Bypass Mode

The receipt Report Totals all Payment Types in one lump sum
Use Terminal Type and TID fields to group Receipt Reports by Payment Type
Use All Selected Prefix and All selected Routes to capture Receipts across locations
Prefix is unique to a store location and assigned as a prefix to every invoice number

Payment Processor: #

Nuvei Statement shows deposits to each Terminal account
Deposits are from batched-out terminals or virtual terminals
A batch is deposited to the business account the next day (or later pending technical issue or bank holiday)
Deposits include transactions between batches

Terminal Account: #

Each location (prefix) has an account with the payment processor
Each location (prefix) has at least one physical payment terminal
Terminals need to be batched at the end of the day
Terminals are connected to revPOS
Terminals configured with Bypass Mode are not connected to revPOS
Bypass mode requires manager’s password

Virtual Terminal (VT) account: #

Used to process revPOS Card on File (CoF) (charge account)
Both Counter and Route customers can have a card on file
revPOS PCA (Process Card Account) command connects to the payment processor VT account
PCA processes payment for all CoF customers for all locations (prefixes)

Web URL #

Receipt Report runs thru a browser (Works best in Microsoft Edge)

Contact revONE for the Web URL 

Parameters #

Date Range: Select date range required

Hide Picked-up: No (default)

Yes = Paid and not picked up

No = Paid and picked-up

Prefix: All selected (default)

Option: Select a specific Store Location / Prefix 

Routes: All selected (default)

Option: Select Counter or Route 

Terminal Type: All (default)

Virtual Terminal – For Card on File transactions

Terminal – For Front Counter Terminals Credit and Debit transactions

Non-Terminal – For Cash, Cheque, and EFT transactions

Bypass Mode – For a Terminal not connected to revPOS

TID: None (default)

Option: Select the Termina Identification (TID) # assigned to the Terminal

Important! Use with Terminal Type: Terminal

Captures transactions put thru this terminal only 

Work Item 2064

revPOS v 3.641

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