Setup – Password Timeout

Employee Passwords are used to ensure revPOS tracks the employee’s entries to that issues can be tracked efficiently. The Timeout period allows the current user to work without continuous password prompts

Password Timeout #


Access: Manager

Setup -> System

Set in seconds or minutes


Updates the current user with the user that entered the password for:
Remove Customer
Remove Customer from Delivery
Remove Tag
Remove Invoice Location
Remove Valet
Add Credit Card
Remove Credit Card
Pick up Invoice
Put Money on Account
Join Two Customers
Transfer Invoice to Customer (TI)
Multiple Pickup (MU)
Setup Customer Codes
Send Invoice to Metal Progetti (SI)
Unload the Invoice from Metal Progetti (Currently not accessible)
Unload Store Invoice From Metal Progetti (Currently not accessible)
Delete Invoice from Metal Progetti (Currently not accessible)
View Tag Status (VTS)
Duplicate Customers (FDC)
Clean-up Data (CLN)
Manage Messages (MM)
Partial Payment
Batch Payment
Add a customer to the delivery route
Add Multiple locations
Add Quick Ticket
Edit Quick Ticket
Add Location
Add Invoice
Add Note
Add Tag
Add Email
Add Customer Tag

Work Item 2071

revPOS v 3.507

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